Best Saree Kuchu Design In Telugu చీర అందాన్ని మరింతగా పెంచేసే ఈ శారీ కుచ్చుల డిజైన్స్ మీరు చూశారా?? | POPxo

చీర అందాన్ని మరింతగా పెంచేసే.. ఈ శారీ కుచ్చుల డిజైన్స్ మీరు చూశారా??

చీర అందాన్ని మరింతగా పెంచేసే.. ఈ శారీ కుచ్చుల డిజైన్స్ మీరు చూశారా??

If you have some special place. Saree is the most worn by all the girls these days. That is why .. Saris are also changing in many ways to suit the changing times. New and new elegance is also appearing. Saris are also undergoing a number of changes, especially in the face of the ever-evolving fashion world.

The saree is recognized as the No. 1 favorite for women. However, these saris are available in different designs and fabrics.

Saree kuchu design is different from saree kuchu, they are beautifully crafted and glittering as they look. Do you know about these shari kurichs and the designs available in them ?? If you don't know, read this article to see some beautiful designs as well as more interesting details about body shapes.

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    శారీ కుచ్చుల్లో రకాలు..

    Various types are currently available in the market. However, some resort to ready-made designs available in the market; Others specially design their favorite designs with the help of designers. There are four main types of body shapes. They are ..

    1. Traditional Cushions

    2. Shari Kuttu - Lace

    3. Crochet stitches

    4. Designer quilts

    Apart from these four variants, there is a lot of convenience available to the designers, especially the design of our choice. Keep in mind, however, that the designs we seek will also have their own prices.

    శారీ కుచ్చుల్లో రకాలు..

    As the name implies, these body shawls look very pretty and traditional. They bring a special one. Some of these designs look very simple to look at but also provide a stylish look to the saree.

    1. ట్రెడిషనల్ కుచ్చులు

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    Traditional saree crochet is a design that is reminiscent of most of us. This is actually a very old design. However, most of the guests who wear traditionally-visible silkworm are particularly passionate about it.

    2. అందమైన వల..

    Simple, plain looking saree with the same color and texture specially designed .. It may not look like much. But look at the main color of the sari, as well as the colors used against them. Bhale looks beautiful with colorful tassels.

    • రంగురంగుల హరివిల్లు..

    Choosing two or three attractive colors in a saree .. Tazelsne made with them can be pretty shiny even when using saree cloths. See for yourself ..

    • కేవలం టాజెల్స్‌తోనే..

    Tazels, like netting, were once the most popular choice. But nowadays girls like to be a little bit simplistic, so the Shari Tazels design is simple. That's why after a series of net-style design .. Tazels are hung for them.

    • పట్టుచీరలకు..

    Tazels with silk thread for saris made from fabrics like cotton and handloom. Instead of cutting the fabric of the saree in a shape of your choice .. hang them in the same distance as the tassels ?? Not to be indifferent to see. Even better.

    • ఫ్యాబ్రిక్‌తోనే..

    We have seen the sari tazels which are made with beautiful netting. We have also seen simple designs made with plain silk threads. But even mixing these two .. Did you know that a design can't be created? This design is also great to see.

    • మిక్స్‌డ్ డిజైన్

    No matter what the design is, it adds to the look of the gold coated beads that double the fabric look. Kadantara ?? Watch this design for yourself ..

    • అందమైన బీడ్స్‌తో..

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    Saree Tassels

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    The good news is that on the special occasions, the house is beautiful. And do you know how to design sari knitters that look like that? This is what it looks like ..

    • తోరణాన్ని తలపించే విధంగా..

    Zig Zag designs are also pretty cool to look at. Want to see if the same design is applied to the shari kurus? Watch this design ..

    • జిగ్ జాగ్‌గా కనిపించేలా..

    If you think about how beautiful the body is .. Very good. Otherwise they have beads, gold thread ..

    • అల్లినట్లు అందంగా..

    These look like laces to look at. But Shari Kuttis is designed around that edge. What's more .. these can be added to the saree edge more easily. Let's look at some of these designs ..

    2. శారీ కుచ్చులు – లేసులు

    •	చిన్న టాజెల్స్‌తో..
    • చిన్న టాజెల్స్‌తో..

    Have you seen this design that looks like lace? Bhee looks great with the little tazels.

    •	స్టోన్స్ లేస్..
    • స్టోన్స్ లేస్..

    Many women nowadays love the designs with the Stones. Are you all ?? However, this lace design is for you ..

    •	స్టోన్స్ అండ్ బీడ్స్..
    • స్టోన్స్ అండ్ బీడ్స్..

    Add Beads to Designs with Stones? Wondering if it looks a bit heavy? Of course .. But if you add a little beads in there, it will make the body look more beautiful.

    •	నెట్ తరహాలోనూ..
    • నెట్ తరహాలోనూ..

    It takes some time to design a web-style bodywork. But resorting to similar lace designs that are available in the market can make saree crochet in a matter of minutes. Called ??

    •	మెటాలిక్ బీడ్స్‌తో అందంగా..
    • మెటాలిక్ బీడ్స్‌తో అందంగా..

    Hanging Silk Threads For Metallic Beads That Are Designed In The Best Shape ?? This is beautiful. These types of designs are also widely available in the market.

    Some saree crochets look pretty with lace to look at. They are called Crochet Cushions. Although they are available in the market as somewhat ready-made .. Many people are more interested in designing their own designs. Check out some of their attractive designs ..

    3. క్రోషెట్ కుచ్చులు –

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    #SareeTassels #Crochet #theredboutiqueptr

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    Check out this design that combines beads with lace design. The attractive color combinations to make it but look ..

    • బీడ్స్‌తో జతగా..

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    #SareeTassels #crochet #theredboutiqueptr

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    This design is a good choice for those who want to have lace-only shawls. This square design contrasts with the routine and attracts everyone.

    • డబుల్ కలర్స్‌తో..

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    #SareeTassels #Crochet #theredboutiqueptr

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    Designs with lace .. Designs using contrasting colors look a bit special. And if you add even smaller gold beads to this contrast color combination? Adiripovalsinde ..

    • కాంట్రాస్ట్ కలర్స్‌తో..

    Similar to a small flower with a silk thread woven with wool, it adds a lot of tassels .. Do you know how beautiful that design is ?? Enjoy the beauty ..

    • అంచుకే అందాన్నిచ్చే డిజైన్స్..

    Have you ever seen this design made of small beads placed between the rounded rings? Look simple ..

    • గుండ్రని డిజైన్స్‌తో..

    If you use rounded designs in two rows, it will be a little more elaborate. This rounded crochet design that looks beautiful in one row is guaranteed to please anyone.

    • ఒకే వరుసతో అందంగా..

    Have you seen this design? The beads in the center of the tassels with gold and pink color combinations are very good.

    • పెళ్లి పట్టుచీరలకు ప్రత్యేకంగా..

    Sarees with little stone or kundan or mirror work should also be designed to reduce the edges. Designs using white beads to this end are also good for them. See for yourself ..

    • తెలుపు రంగు బీడ్స్‌తో..

    Some body shapes can be designed specifically for grills. It belongs to this category. You can also watch this amazing design in double color combination ..

    • రెండు వరుసల్లో..

    Rather than one or two rows with rounded designs .. they can also be designed to look out of place. Stones, Miniature Gold Beads Design ..

    • అక్కడక్కడా.. చూడచక్కగా..

    This is one of the most popular body shawls these days. One of the unique features of the saree is the ease of preparing the saree edge. In addition, there are other special designs that the designers can tailor to suit partyware or good news. And let's see some of these designs.

    4. డిజైనర్ కుచ్చులు –

    Shaped with a matching gold beads, this design looks good with the shaping of the shari matching fabric.

    • భిన్నంగా కనిపించేలా..

    Various designs are found in the beads itself. Different shapes or combinations of sizes can make attractive body tassels.

    • భిన్నమైన బీడ్స్ కలిపి..

    Do you like Kamala? However, the body shapes that are not seen can be designed. See this design if you want.

    • అందమైన కమలాలు..

    Designs by embroidery or sequence work using Gold Thread, Stones, etc. are also very popular as they incorporate the sari.

    • ఎంబ్రాయిడరీ లేదా సీక్వెన్స్ వర్క్..

    Peacock-shaped designs mean that there are many who prefer. Are you all ?? This design is sure to please ..

    • మైమరిపించే మయూరాలు..

    These saree tassels are especially good for saris with silver threadwork, especially with silver beads. Kadantara ??

    • సిల్వర్ బీడ్స్‌తో సింపుల్‌గా..

    It is common nowadays to use designer pouches made as patches to sew designer blouses. However, these patches can also be used for saree edge design. Want to see ..

    • ప్యాచెస్ కూడా..

    Check out this design made of palm palm balls in a matching color of silk and then paired with gold strings. Bale looks stylish ..

    • పామ్ – పామ్ బాల్స్‌తో..

    A small bead is pre-sown and a golden bead in a kundan shaft underneath it is another bead-shaped gold bead that can be seen for hours to see if it hits the palm palm balls.

    • గంటల్లా వేలాడదీస్తే..

    Shari kuchu or tazel ​​can also be made with Stones. They can also be combined with Crochet-style designs.

    • స్టోన్ డిజైన్..

    Check out this design. Looks like the Mayuras hanging there. Shapes such as parrots and elephants can also be hung on the edges of the sari as part of Shari Kuchulu designs.

    • వేలాడే మయూరాలు..

    Nowadays, most women are designing saris especially. Such people may also wear sari edges to suit the design on their saree. Look at this design ..

    • చీరపై డిజైన్‌కు అనుగుణంగా..

    Wedding sneakers usually come with a small design throughout the sari .. The edge is a little different. To make the look of the grip look more special, the saree has to be styled differently. Does that mean Look at this design ..

    • పట్టుచీరలకు స్పెషల్‌గా..

    We have already learned that saree borders can be specially designed with lotus as part of body shapes. But do you believe that the lotus that comes in saree design can also be designed as edges? However this design is for you ..

    • డిజైనర్ కమలాలు..

    Keep in mind but .. using pearls can also brighten the sari edges. These saree tassels are particularly appealing to saris such as embroidery and sequence work. These can also be attached to gold strips and give rise to different designs.

    • ముత్యాలతో మెరిపించండి..

    Designers do not need to give the body shapes that give a special look to the saree. With a little time and patience, we can create our own designs using our creativity. For this ..

    · Silk Thread

    జ Zari thread in gold

    · Rounded beads

    బీ Beads in Angular Shape

    · Needle (small, large)

    ెర Scissors

    శారీ కుచ్చులను తయారుచేసే విధానం..

    · First, take a silk thread and cut it to a length of 10 to 20 rows.

    చేయాలి We need to get these into a round bead with the help of a needle.

    · Carefully sew it to the edge of the sari with the help of the same color silk thread.

    If desired, paste with the help of gum without dropping the golden bead of the tassel.

    · Now take the silk threads side by side and cut the chero in half. Combine the two halves, and in the middle of it another bead of angular shape.

    · It can be knotted with the help of threads without sliding underneath.

    We have learned how to design body shapes that are simple, but we need to make sure that the sari threads for ourselves are also of equal length. They all look good if they are all the same length.

    తయారీ విధానం

    There are many attractive shari kurti available online now as well. Using them we can bring a special look to the plain saree. Some of such designs are for you ..


    Chand_Creation Women's Plastic Beads Multicolour Tassels Laces Clothing Accessories (900 x 5 cm)

    INR 199 AT Chand_Creation

    Matching this Multi Lace Plain Sarees For A Look ..


    Goelx 9.5 mtr Golden Latkan Hanging Tassel Lace for Dresses, Sarees

    INR 430 AT Goelx

    This lace is not just saris .. Lehenga, Bags, Dresses .. can be used for anything. The look is also very stylish.


    Generic Women's Cotton XLdreams 1.20 m Beautiful Saree Kuchhu (Blue)

    INR 389 AT Generic

    Blue Color Tazels For Gold Color Beads


    Crisskross delhibazarindia Gotta Lace Border Tassels Fringe, Zhallar beeds

    INR 599 AT Crisskross

    Have you seen these Shari Tazels with Bronze Shaded Beads? They are great for partywear saris.


    Crisskross delhibazarindia Gotta Lace Border Tassels Fringe, Piping lace beeds

    INR 299 AT Crisskross

    Beautiful lace beads ..


    100 Pcs Thread Tassels Bunch for DIY Crafts, Keychain, Bags, Jewelry in Black

    INR 225 AT Goelx

    Check out these Tassels in Gold and Black Color Combinations. Stylish look is simple but beautiful


    Lovely Arts Collection Woolen Yarn 20mm Pompom Tassels Ball Fringe Lace


    Ever seen beautiful Multi Color Palm Palm Balls? They are great for plain saris. Try it once more ..


    Generic XLDreams Beautiful 1 20 meter Saree Kuchhu

    INR 378 AT Generic

    Looking for a Stylish Tattoo Design by Stones with Beautiful Color Combinations? Look at this design though. This is exactly the case for sapphire butterflies.


    DaSync White Tassel Latkan Hanging Pearl with Silver Beads jhallar Laces

    INR 410 AT Generic

    Despite the number of tazels, the design with Beads is very unique. The designs in Kundan Shape are also special. See for yourself.


    Crisskross delhibazarindia Gotta Lace Border Tassels Fringe, Fur lace

    INR 399 AT Crisskross

    Have you seen these Shari Tazels Lace made in Gold and Pink color combinations? Bhale is beautiful .. It also works very well for rose hues.

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